About WanderAway Box

Explore the world from the comfort of your own home 


Life gets busy.
In fact, most of us don't even use all of our vacation days. The WanderAway box will give you a glimpse of places to visit, and a taste of cultures to explore. It's your inspiration to see the world - all in a care package delivered to your front door.  

Authentic Products

We support small business owners and local artisans from around the world. Our products come from the locations and cultures we believe you want to experience.

A Worldly Adventure

Each box will bring a new travel experience to your door. Our themed boxes include items specific to cultures, countries, and regions of the world. 

Chosen With You in Mind

Sometimes we just can't get away to a place or as often as we would like, because...life. WanderAway is meant to inspire your wanderlust, to broaden your horizons, and to give you a little getaway in a box.

Delivered to Your Door

Who doesn't love receiving a care package? And when the care package is designed around something you love, like travel, well, that's just perfect! 

Are you ready to WanderAway?