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Every other month, receive carefully curated items designed to give you a sample of countries and cultures around the world.  

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 You can choose from three different subscription options: month to month, 6 months (3 boxes), or 12 months (6 boxes). 

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No passport needed! Just enter your contact and payment information, and you're ready to WanderAway!  

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Get your travel inspiration!

Every other month, you'll receive a travel-themed box that will allow you to explore cultures from around the world and inspire your wanderlust.  

Our boxes ship  every even month (Feburary, April, June, August, October, & December). In each box, you’ll receive carefully curated items designed to bring a new travel experience to you.  Our themed boxes include items specific to traveling and exploring different cultures, countries, and regions of the world. We support small business owners and local artisans, and our products come from the locations and cultures we know you want to experience. Our hope and desire is to bring you joy, and to inspire your wanderlust.

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